Margaret Brandman - LA VIDA APASIONADA Suite for Violin and Piano

Price: $20 AUD

Margaret Brandman’s LA VIDA APASIONADA SUITE is a set of eight Latin-American dance style pieces composed since 2021. After discovering and recording Margaret’s existing work for violin and piano - Jucaro Rhumba D’Amor (composed in 2013), celebrated Australian violinist Vov Dylan commissioned the composer to compose seven additional works to create a suite encompassing diverse Latin-American dance rhythms for the Vov Dylan Palace Orchestra.
Once the larger ensemble versions were completed, Margaret Brandman proceeded to arrange the pieces for several smaller chamber ensembles. Vov Dylan and the composer have recorded the Violin and Piano versions and have also the filmed the composer’s trio arrangements for Violin, Piano and Double Bass. These recordings are the Violin and Piano duet versions of the suite.

The sequence of the works in the suite weaves a narrative of love, from a passionate encounter,
to moments of bliss, while in the central movement Tristeza del Corazón Roto, the music expresses the inevitable moments of heartbreak in a relationship, after which love returns and triumphs.

The moods of the eight movements in the suite are:
1) Tango Apasionada – passionate
2) Bossa Sonora –sensuous
3) Summer Samba – light-hearted
4) Tristeza del Corazón Roto – sorrowful
5) Morning Star Cha Cha Cha – uplifting
6) Danza de la Alegría – upbeat and joyous
7) Primavera Waltz – playful
8) Jucaro Rhumba d’Amor – celebratory