Wayne Gillespie & Famous Blue Raincoat (with Rob Grosser) - FRAZZ

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“Early Tom Waits meets late Lou Reed while waiting for Leonard Cohen to show”.

Co-writing/Co-producing partners Wayne Gillespie and Rob Grosser have produced FRAZZ: a concoction of Folk/Rock/Jazz - Tracks with traces of Rock-edge, spiced with cheeky surrealism, Jazz juices, Folk reverence, African flavours, Hypnotic Grooves and Dark Tales. Embraced by radio stations in Australia and around the globe following it’s release! Streaming includes three bonus tracks - alternative EP versions released prior to the album.
“Gillespie has stretched himself and pushed the boundaries here with the colour from his chiming guitar, the saxophone of Robertson on the almost eight minute, increasingly menacing Jealous Man (bleakly funny if your humour runs cold and black) and the popping Afro-sound of Papa Wemba (She Dances). Lyrically these songs are also multi-layered and repay careful attention to their detail.” Graham Reid, 6/3/2023. FRAZZ_Elsewhere.com.nz

“When I say this new album is all over the place I mean it as a total compliment, such is the diversity of songs, styles, and sounds on it....Folk, Rock, and Jazz. . . it’s FRAZZ!" Stuart Coupe 24/6/2022

“A jazzy Lou Reed, film noir, Miles Davis kind of vibe (Bananas#2)” UK podcasters @yhhtmpc. August 2022

“Like Leonard Cohen in a cosmic country folk dream (Delusions)-Post to the Wire- Sep 2022

“The hubris of calling themselves Famous Blue Raincoat is definitely justified ..I don’t know about Cohen for me there is an essence of Lou Reed in that track (Chapel Street)..” John Lampe Tempo The Pulse (94.7FM The Pulse) Oct 2022

"I’m loving this set of songs…love the banjo on Bananas plus the horn stuff … such cool playing and Wayne’s voice is perfectly tuned to the lyrics ..he is such a unique artist and I’ve always thought his music was like a collection of gems … like threading a string of pearls that trace your life one song after another . Rose Bygrave (Goanna)

“Wayne Gillespie well done! Love the sound of this” Marcia Howard (Goanna)

“(Brick By Brick) -That's good! Saxophones sound like Bowie 'plastic soul' era" Martin Phillips (The Chills)

"Papa Wemba (She Dances), what a wonderful song! " Geoffrey Stapleton (Gangajang)

"I love this song Brick By Brick Wayne.. the fucked-up sax and the Wah Wah and the brilliant lyrics that paint the picture so fluidly.. it’s going straight to a playlist!" Mel Forbes ( Swamp Daisies)